A Little Piece Of My Book

Hey, here are two short excerpts from my book. Enjoy!

*   *   *
The buzzing sound on the phone overrode everything else. I put my hand over my other ear, and strained to hear. 

“Mom! Mom! Are you still there?” I took a deep breath to calm my pounding heart. Just relax, I told myself. Bad connections are just a part of life in the mountains of South America. 
“…Earthquake…Bus stopped…” Mom’s muffled voice came through the earpiece in snatches. 
Earthquake? My hands began to shake. “Mom, are you hurt? How bad of an earthquake?” 
I heard her voice through the crackles of static, but couldn’t understand anything. 
“Mom, you’re breaking up. I can hardly hear you!” I shouted the words into the phone while closing my eyes for better concentration. What’s going on? 
“We’re stuck here…” were the last words I heard Mom say before the connection was lost altogether. 
*  *  *
 As we were walking back to the house, Luke said, “You know that the house is really old, don’t you?” 
 I nodded my head. Even if he hadn’t already told me in a letter about the farm, I would have been able to tell just by looking at it. 
 “And you know I had a whole lot of fun when I lived here? And that’s why I wanted to move back here so my children could grow up in the same place?” 
 Again I nodded my head. What was he getting at?
 “And did you know that the bedroom you and Mercy are staying in was my old bedroom? And that I put you there for a special reason?” 
 “Luke, what’s going on?” We were at the door to the house by now. We stood there for a moment, just looking at each other. Then Luke reached out for the door handle so he could open the door. 
 I grabbed it and held it closed. “Now don’t you even think of going in there, Luke Taylor. You tell me what you were talking about!” 
  “Ever thought of being a detective?” he asked. 
The mystery! He was going to tell me about the mystery. 
Not waiting for a reply, he went on. “Here is a journal I wrote when my family lived in this house way back when. You can read it if you want.”
  “Thanks,” I said, reaching for the journal. Working out in the barn had made me hungry for a little snack,  but all thoughts of food fled from my mind as I took the hard-covered book in my hands. 
  “And one more thing, if you want to ask any questions, the way to do it is in there.” Luke pointed to the journal. 
  *  *  *
I was visiting with my Dad today, and I mentioned something about reviews on Amazon, 
and so he headed on over there and left one for my book… 😉 And yep, I think our family has our share of nuts. *See Quote*

(P.S.You can find my book here. My sister said I should point out that you don’t need a kindle to get the book, only a kindle device. You can get those on ipads and iphones and I don’t know what else.)

My Question For Today: 
Do people really expect me to be only a little bit silly? 

8 thoughts on “A Little Piece Of My Book

  1. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Here’s what it says on Amazon:
    Twelve-year-old Rosanna Grant is expecting a quite stay at her sister and brother-in-law’s farm while her parents are on a missions trip. Instead, she suddenly finds herself with a mystery to solve when she’s given an old journal with a clue in it.

    Will she be able to solve the riddle before her parents return? Where does it lead? Who is the stranger leaving her notes? And after she does solve the secret, is that the end, or is there more mystery lurking around the bend? What is the Secret in the Hill? And more importantly, who is Gus?

    This book is the first book in the Highland Meadow Series. Join Rosanna as she solves mysteries, learns more about God, and makes exciting new discoveries.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Oh my word!! You are a consumer of dill pickles, too?!? WOW. We are so alike!! Writers must need the boost of vinegar, eh? I ♥ dill pickles!!! (My family thinks I'm crazy!!)


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