House = Book Inspiration

Today I did something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I visited my neighbor’s old house. Visiting a… House?  I know, sort of strange, but you see, my neighbor and I were really good friends, and I would often go and visit her. She died last year at age 91. 
It felt just like old times seeing everything around her house again. I’ve been thinking about her house a lot recently, because it was the inspiration for me in my book, Mystery At Pine Borough, which is the second book in the Highland Meadow Series. (I just got the first book in the series published on Kindle, you can see it here: here

Right now Mystery At Pine Borough is at my editor, and hopefully we’ll have it finished within about a month. I sure hope so anyway, ’cause I’m excited about it, and can hardly wait to get it on Kindle. =) 

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